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Medicare-eligible, short-term in-home recovery care.

  • Medicare eligible
  • Short-term focus
  • Physician-ordered care
  • Rehabilitative services including physical or occupational therapy
  • Skilled care from an accredited professional team

24-Hour Care, LLC Home Health Agency is licensed by the State of Illinois. Medicare accredited by ACHC in Illinois and Iowa. Presently serving Jo Daviess, Carroll, and Stephenson Counties in Illinois, and Dubuque, Jackson, Jones, and Delaware Counties in Iowa, and parts of SW Wisconsin.

Skilled Nurses

Our licensed nursing staff administers medication and treatment as prescribed by the client’s physician. They are the liaisons between our clients and their healthcare professional and supervise the plan of care. RNs help clients/caregivers understand the medical directives given by their physician. They provide comfort and knowledge to our clients all the while understanding the needs of each individual.

  • Explain post treatment home care needs, diet, nutrition and exercise programs.
  • Maintenance of health and prevention of illness of others.
  • Assist with medication administration including medication set up.
  • Provide catheter care.
  • Administer home IV therapy.
  • Provide wound care and dressing changes.
  • Administer injections as needed.
  • Administer and assist in tube feeding.
  • Provide and educate on diabetic care.
  • Provide post stroke care.
  • Record and keep observations and assessment of the client.
  • And more.

Physical Therapists* / Occupational Therapists*

Our physical therapists administer manual therapeutic exercises to improve or maintain muscle function. They instruct, motivate and assist clients in therapy with the plan of care directed by their physician.Our occupational therapists help to guide the patient in the use of therapeutic and self-care activities for the purpose of improving everyday life and function.

  • Balance and gait training.
  • Muscle re-education.
  • Therapeutic exercises.
  • Prosthetic training for patients with amputations.
  • Home modification adjustments.
  • Instruct on proper use of assistive devices.
  • And more.

* Subject to availability in your area.

Home Health Aides

Our certified home health aides provide personal and professional care and assist with the activities of daily living. The aides are under the supervision of an RN to ensure compliance with the established plan of care.

  • Provide assistance with patient personal care, grooming and toileting.
  • Provide assistance with mobility and ambulation.
  • Prepare meals and assist in feeding and/or providing fluids as needed.
  • Take and record temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Provide relief for bed-ridden client such as positioning,
    massaging and skin care.
  • Perform range of motion and various exercises.
  • Reminders for self-administration of medication.
  • And more.