Licensed Nurses

Our licensed nursing staff administers medication and treatment as prescribed by the client’s physician. Our nursing staff acts as the liaison between you and your healthcare professional and supervises the plan of care. RNs help clients/caregivers understand the medical directives given by their physician. They provide comfort and knowledge to our clients all the while understanding the needs of each individual.

  • Explain post treatment home care needs, diet, nutrition and
    exercise programs.
  • Maintain patient health and prevent illness of others.
  • Assist with medication administration including medication
    set up.
  • Provide catheter care.
  • Administer home IV therapy.
  • Provide wound care and dressing changes.
  • Administer injections as needed.
  • Administer and assist in tube feeding.
  • Provide care and educate on diabetes.
  • Provide post stroke care.
  • Record and keep observations and assessment
    of the client.
  • And more.